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        1600mm PP PE pipe cutting machine
        • 1600mm PP PE pipe cutting machine

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        Hydraulic planet cutter


        1 Cutting method Hydraulic cutting  
        2 Pipe diameters Φ710-Φ1600mm  
        3 Revolution cycle 1r/180s  
        4 Bracket moving distance  1200mm  
        5 Max cutting thickness 100mm  
        6 Revolution motor  power 1.1kw   
        7 Cutting motor power 7.5kw  
        8 Dust-suction fan power 1.5kw  
        9 Knife-feed motor power(hydraulic) 0.55KW  
        10 Cutting method Saw cutting, manual or automatic  
        11 Cutting pipe central height 1600±50mm  
        12 Cutting precision 1:100  
        13 Cutting surface roughness 12.5  
        14 Revolution speed adjustment Frequency conversion  
        15 Air-powered components Taiwan AIRTAC  
        16 Electric brush T102-6×12  
        17 Electrical control method PLC Control  


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        jessica jane中国女人

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