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        1200mm Ten Claw PE Pipe Puller Traction Machine
        • 1200mm Ten Claw PE Pipe Puller Traction Machine

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        PVC PP PE PPR PERT haul off machine, traction machine, puller machine for pipe extruder machine

        1/2''-3'' inches haul off machine

        Haul-off machine
        1 Haul-off type Two claw haul-off  
        2 Track traction Grip block  
        3 Pipe-cutting center height 1000±50(mm)  
        4 Pipe range 1/2-3'' inches  
        5 Haul-off speed 2-12m/min  
        6 Max. haul-off force 20KN  
        7 Max. pressing force 3KN  
        8 Pressing force adjust method Air operated compress adjustment  
        9 Haul-off direction prograde  
        10 Driving motor power 1.5KW  
        11 Crawler contact length 750mm  
        12 Crawler width 80mm  
        13 Compressd air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa  
        14 Haul-off workpiece shape Round rigid tube  
        15 Up and down crawler synchro way Hand wheel adjust  
        16 Diameter of compress air cylinder Φ60  
        17 Crawler chain pitch P19.05  
        18 Electric section Schneider  
        19 mesure method Route switch  
        20 Motor speed regulation method Frequency control of motor speed(Switzerlanf ABB)  


        two claw traction machine


        75mm-250mm haul off machine, traction machine, puller machine


        Haul-off machine    
        1 Haul-off way three- claw haul-off  
        2 Haul off caterpillars Grip block  
        3 center height of cutting pipe 1050±50(mm)  
        4 Pipe diameter Φ75-Φ250  
        5 Haul-off speed 0.5-7m/min  
        6 Max haul-off force 20KN  
        7 Max pressing force 3KN  
        8 Adjusting method of pressing force Air-powered  
        9 Hual-off forece direction Forward  
        10 Driving motor power 4KW  
        11 Touching dimension of caterpillars 1650mm  
        12 Width of caterpillar 50mm  
        13 Gas-compression pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa  
        14 Haul-off accessories'  shape Round hard pipe  
        15 Up-down caterpillars in a synchronous manner Hand-wheel adjusting  
        16 Pressing cylinder diameter Φ100mm  
        17 Chains' distance of caterpillars P19.05  
        18 Pneumatic appliances Taiwan  
        19 Length-Scale method Travel switch  
        20 Speed adjusting method of motor Frequency conversion velocity(ABB or Simens)  

        three claw haul-off

        315mm-630mm haul off machine


        Haul-off machine    
        1 Traction method Six claws  
        2 Traction caterpillars Steel grip block  
        3 Cutting pipe centre height 1200±50mm  
        4 Pipe diameter Φ315-Φ630mm  
        5 traction speed 0.1-1m/min  
        6 max traction 60KN  
        7 Max pressing force 6KN  
        8 Adjusting method of pressing force Air-powered adjustment  
        9 Traction direction Forward or reverse  
        10 Driving motor power 5.5KW frequency conversion motor  
        11 touching dimension of caterpillars 2450mm  
        12 Width of caterpillar 90mm  
        13 Caterpillar's openness 700mm  
        14 Gas-compression pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa  
        15 Haul-off accessories'  shape Round hard pipe  
        16 Up-down caterpillars in a synchronous manner single motor  
        17 Pressing cylinder diameter Φ160  
        18 Chains' distance of caterpillars P25.4  
        19 Grip-block discharging method Bolt   
        20 shield Tampered glass  
        21 Scale method Travel switch  
        22 Speed adjusting method of motor Frequency conversion(Switzerland ABB)  
        23 Air-powered components Chenfeng of Wuxi  
        24 Major low appliances Schneider  


        6 claw haul-off machine

        haul-off machine

        500mm-1200mm PE pipe ten claw haul off machine


        Ten-claw haul-off machine    
        1 Haul-off way Ten- claw  haul off  
        2 Haul-off caterpillar Grip-block  
        3 Cutting pipe central height 1600±50mm  
        4 Pipe diameters Φ500-Φ1200mm  
        5 Haul-off speed 0.05-0.5m/min  
        6 Max haul-off force 80KN  
        7 Max Compressive force 10KN  
        8 Compressive force adjusting method Air-powered adjustment  
        9 Haul-off direction Forward-reverse  
        10 Driving motor power 7.5KW  
        11 Caterpillar contacting length 2800mm  
        12 Caterpillar width 95mm  
        13 Caterpillar openness 1300mm  
        14 Compressive air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa  
        15 Haul-off  components shape Hard round pipe  
        16 Up-down caterpillar in synchronous way Single Motor distributor of ten-claw driving force, by planet gear)  
        17 Compressive cylinder diameter Φ160mm×100  
        18 Caterpillar chain pitch Double lines,P25.4  
        19 Grip block discharging method Bolt  
        20 Shield Tempered glass  
        21 Length scale method Omron rotary encoder  
        22 Speed adjustment method ABB Frequency conversion (Switzerland ABB)  
        23 Air-powered components FESTO  
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