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        PP PE PPR PVC Pipe Vacuum Tank
        • PP PE PPR PVC Pipe Vacuum Tank

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        Plastic PP PE PPR PVC Pipe Vacuum Calibration Cooling Tank


        Double-cavity calibrator    
        1 Vacuum tank Double -cavity spray  
        2 Length 6000(1700+4300)mm  
        3 Pipe diameter Φ20mm-630 mm  
        4 Vacuum pumps 2pcs Yuhuan, Shanghai
        5 Vacuum pump power depends on diameter   
        6 Water pumps 2pcs Yuhuan, Shanghai
        water pump power depends on diameter   
        8 Water pump sealing ring Mechanical sealing  
        9 Front-back moving motor power 1.1KW  
        10 Front-back moving range ±500mm  
        11 Moving channel centre height 980mm  
        12 Channel specification No 8 light channel  
        13 Front-back moving method gear ,rack  
        14 Left-right moving range ±40mm  
        15 Central height 1200±50mm  
        16 Tank material Stainless steel  
        17 Thickness of plate 5mm  
        18 Tank  cover material Cast-aluminum  
        19 cooling method Spray  
        20 cooling medium Cooling water  
        21 Spray pipes 8pcs  
        22 Nozzles About 320pcs  
        23 Nozzle specification 1"× Φ4  
        24 Water recycling  filters 2pcs  
        25 Water recycling filter specification 2  
        26 pipe carrying method rolling wheel  
        27 Outlet sealing plate Due to customers  
        28 all components and structure of the tank Stainless steel  
        29 Liquid level controlling method Floating ball +electromagnetic valve +level controller  
        30 Water inlet 11/2"  
        31 Water outlet 1"  
        32 Dimension of the tank polygon  


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        jessica jane中国女人

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