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        Plastic pelletizer
        PP PE  Pelletizing Machine
        • PP PE Pelletizing Machine

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        PE PP HDPE LDPE LLDPE Plastic film pelletizing machine
        This series PE PP HDPE LDPE LLDPE Waste plastic film ,bags pelletizing machine is used to reused film & bags .This line include Conveyor belt,Metal detector,Cutter Compactor Force Feeding,Extruder machine ,Hydraulic Screen changer system and so on .It is automatic and high efficiency and high output.It can help you save cost and low maintenance cost and bring high value.

        PE PP HDPE LDPE LLDPE Plastic film & bags pelletizing machine parameter

        Model Screw Dia Screw L/D Screw Speed Motor power Capacitykg/h)
        DC-85 85mm 30:1 20-100 RPM 55KW 150-200
        DC-100 100mm 30:1 20-100 RPM 75KW 250-300
        DC-120 120mm 30:1 20-90 RPM 90-110KW 250-350
        DC-130 130mm 30:1 20-90 RPM 110-132KW 400-500
        DC-150 150mm 30:1 20-80 RPM 132-160KW 600-700
        DC-160 160mm 30:1 20-80 RPM 160-220KW 700-800
        DC-180 180mm 30:1 20-60 RPM 200-250KW 800-1000


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        jessica jane中国女人

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