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        Drinking straw machine
        Automatic Bendable Drinking Straw Making Machine
        • Automatic Bendable Drinking Straw Making Machine

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        Automatic Flexible Drinking Straw Machine 

        1. Introduction
        This machine is right for making flexible straws. It automatically turns straight straws to flexible straws. With counting system and backside controller, it's very safe and easy to operate.

        As customer's requirement, straw can be made with 12 bending groups or 18 bending groups.

        2. Characteristics:
        1)Production capacity: 250-420PCS/min.
        2)One labour can operate 2 machines
        3)The machine is equipped with automatic counting and batch alarm.
        4)It can automatically stop when there appears an error.
        5)With watch windows, backside controller and emergency switch, it is much safer.
        6)The breaker, AC contactor and knob switch brand is SCHNEIDER
        7)The inverter brand is DELTA.


        Model SBM-12 SBM-18
        No. of bending groups 12 bending groups 18 bending groups
        Driving motor 1.5kw (control by DELTA inverter) 2.2kw (control by DELTA inverter)
        Capacity 250-300pcs/min. 350-420pcs/min.
        Specification of straw Inner diameter 3.8mm 4.8mm 5.8mm
        Thickness of straw 0.2± 0.02mm 0.2± 0.02mm 0.2± 0.02mm
        Length of straight straw 165~245mm 200~260mm 200~260mm
        Length of flexible straw 150~230mm 185~245mm 185~245mm
        The others specification can be special made.
        Dimension of machine 1500x1800x1600mm 2000x2000x1900mm
        Weight of machine 1000kgs 1200kgs


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        jessica jane中国女人

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