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        Mixing & Conveying
        PVC Automatic Mixing and Feeding System
        • PVC Automatic Mixing and Feeding System

        • product category:Mixing & Conveying
        • product brand:Mixer & Bulk Handling System
        • Product Brief:

          PVC Automatic Mixing and Feeding System
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        Main key parts



        It is used for opening bag of solid material(such as power,

        pellets,and mixture of power and pellets)in industry of plastic,

        rubber,chemical,medical and food.







        Feeding station is also know as opean packet station,unpacking

        station,puring station.It is unpacking packed powdered or grnular






        Suitable for continued conveying of powder,pellets and small lump

        material in a closed tube loop.Horizontal,vertical,incline or it combination

        layout are possible.Typical application includes those dusty bulk solid

        conveying in chemical industry,polyester,coal chemical,food industry etc.






        Suitable for plastics,rubber,chemical and food industry,for power or

        granulate material blending,coloring and drying.Typical application

        includes:production of PVC dry blend,filling and modification of plastics,

        pre-mixing of compounding process and premix ofwood-plastic Composites



        As a metering and discharge valve under separators and bins,for powders,or as a feeding unit in pneumatic conveyingsystems,specially for plastics pellets.






        Gear motor driven by frequency inverter,bearing support in two ends,shaft sealing by air purging system. Pneumatic pad installed in product inlet for discharge aid of non-flow bulk material; U type screw barrel designed for easy removal and cleaning.






        Connected to an exhaust fan to be an aspiration filter,    work as dust collector,or work as filtration equipmentat the end of pneumatic conveying line for separation conveying line for separation of gas and bulk solid product.Normally installed on top of silo to remainproduct and release conveying gas.






        As a distributing or collection unit for powders and granular materials which are gravity down from upstream equipment to downstream equipment.Or installed on pipe line for lower pressure pneumatic conveying.





        Stroge silo:

        Height andvolum can becustomized according to customer requirements

        The material is SS304









        Clean,fast and quantitative Not only can transportation powder,granluar and fibrous materials(such as PE,PP, PVC, corn and cotton),such as carbon black),also may transport the small block material(such as rocks,etc.)






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        jessica jane中国女人

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